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Delta SkyMiles Loyalty Program: Is it worth it?

Is Delta SkyMiles the right choice for you? With all the airlines trying to get your attention it can be hard to decide which one to use. They all claim to be the best and have the most benefits. However, we have discovered that it ‘mostly’ comes down to which airline you prefer. With that being said, there are some programs that rise above the rest. Delta SkyMiles is one of them. Other Airline rewards programs we have reviewed are: Spirit’s $9 Fare Club and Frontiers Discount Den.

Why Delta?

Delta has traditionally been a premium airline with more expensive fare, good flight times, short layovers and excellent customer service. This is all still true with one exception, if you shop around you can find the same great service at affordable prices. My wife and I just booked a trip to Barcelona, Spain and it was $205 one-way. For both of us. This would be hard to believe in most circumstances, so here is the proof.

International Delta Flight Cost: Total $205 from Chicago to Barcelona

Note: Those dates that you see are the dates purchased and we did buy both flights separately. It was significantly more expensive to buy them together. It was more work so that is one downside. But, you can’t beat $205 for an international flight.

About Delta Skymiles

Here is our list of benefits if you choose to become a Delta SkyMiles member.


You will earn 5 miles for ever dollar that you spend with Delta Airlines, Delta Connection or Delta Shuttle. Additionally, you can earn additional miles at a reduced rate through other SkyTeam airlines (listed above) or on your Hotel/Air BnB stays.


If you fly on a regular basis, we believe that signing up for SkyMiles makes sense. It’s free and you can only gain from it if you fly with Delta or one of their partners. Of course, as previously stated it is best used in conjunction with a Delta credit card which we will go over in another post. However, if you want to keep shopping around, check out our other Airline rewards program reviews. Spirits $9 Fare Club and Frontiers Discount Den (which also allows your kids to fly free!). Note: These do cost money, but they have significantly more features.

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