Best Cruise Lines

Best Cruise Lines in 2018

It can be a tough decision when your are searching for the best cruise lines for you and your loved ones to go on. There are many choices out there that cater to a wide variety of audiences. Your decision is going to come down to several priorities. Economy or luxury? Short duration or long? Many destinations or one? And these are just a few of your choices. We hope to help break some of this down to streamline your vacation decision.

Best Cruise Lines: Economy

best cruise lines: royal carribean cruise ship, anthem of the seas

Unlike the name implies, Royal Caribbean International offers voyages to 269 destinations across 77 countries on six continents! Like any other cruise the price can vary widely depending on the time of the cruise. Royal Caribbean does tend to be on the cheaper end but you have to watch out for the additional costs that can be incurred. Some of these extra costs can include amenities like extra food, drink, or excursions. But if you don’t mind paying a few extra costs, the low price can be worth it.

best cruise lines: royal caribbean prices

These cruises are incredibly cheap, coming out at around $350 after taxes. Carnival cruises also offer fairly competitive prices as well but they also tend to be a bit more crowded.


Best Cruise Lines: For the Family

Best family friendly cruise lines: Disney

Now, there is a name synonymous with family fun and we are sure many of your will agree that Disney fits. And while Disney world can make a fun excursion for a day, sometimes you want a little more. Fortunately, they offer one of the best cruise lines for family fun. Disney cruise lines has 4 ships that travel to a wide variety of locations throughout the year, from Alaska, to the Bahamas, and even Europe.

Now, while the initial price may seem a bit high, when we put in the pricing criteria we selected for a family with 2 Adults, and 2 kids, aged 11 and 12.

Best Cruise Lines: Disney cruise pricing

At the base cost per person that ends up being about $625. When you consider and alternative vacation and the traveling costs (unless you are camping), hotel stays, food, and entertainment. Well, the value really is there. On the cruise your family will be able to interact with the various Disney characters, regardless if your kids like Elsa or hanging out with some Storm Troopers from Star Wars. There are water slides and even live shows for your family to enjoy. And for the the older crowd fear not, there are still adult beverages for you to enjoy and some fun night life activities to participate in.

Best Cruise Lines: Luxury

Best Cruise Lines: Crystal Cruises Luxury lines

If you are looking for the best cruise lines where money is not a concern…look no further than Crystal Cruise Lines. They operate only 2 ships and pride themselves on their service. The cruise is almost never crowded and they pride themselves in having a high crew to passenger ratio to better serve you. Select wine, beer and liquor is included in the cost of the ticket as well as a number of entertainment options. One of the few things not included in the cost is off shore excursions, but at the price you will be paying for the ticket, that would just be a drop in the bucket.

Best cruise lines: crystal cruise luxury lines pricing

As you can see, they are not cheap and that is just the cost per person. However, if you have the money to spare the cost is easily worth it in tandem with the service and quality offered. Another aspect of Crystal Cruise Lines that sets them apart is the luxurious river cruises they offer.

Best cruise lines: crystal river cruises

So if you don’t like the high seas, no problem. Their river cruises cover many of Europe’s finest water ways like the Rhine and Danube. You will find yourself staying overnight in many of the finest hotels and getting to visit historical sites in quaint river cities. Fine dining and beverages are of course, provided for you.

Best Cruise Lines: Our Pick

Best Cruise Lines: Carnival Cruises

As we were browsing through the various cruise lines, there was one that stuck out repeatedly. Carnival cruise lines. For starters they have one of the largest fleets with 25 cruise ships in operation. This means that there will be many different departure times and unique trips to fit your specific needs. Secondly, their trips span across Mexico, Alaska, Hawaii, Europe and the Caribbean, among other locations. And with departure locations in Miami, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Seattle and New York, you will not lack for convenient locations.

Carnival cruises also offer very competitive prices with a 10 day cruise costing slightly over $1000 after port fees. You can also find 2-3 day cruises that will only cost you around $400.

Best cruise lines: carnival cruises prices

They also offer an extensive selection of food and on-board activities to keep you happy, with water slides and shows, to name just a couple. There is also a high level of customer service, the guest to crewman ratio is 3:1 so if you need assistance there will always be someone around. The only downside is that because of how popular Carnival is, they tend to get a little more crowded during more popular times.


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