Discount Den Or $9 Fare Club

Frontier’s Discount Den or $9 Fare Club from Spirit – Which One Should You Join?

Both, Frontier and Spirit offer memberships to savings clubs that can potentially help you save on flights. Both airlines promise big savings if you are a member of the membership, but which one, Frontier’s Discount Den or $9 Fare Club is better for you? We are here to help you figure out which one gives you more savings.

Like many purchases, airfare is a trade-off between cost and comfort. The experience on low-cost carriers is different from what you find on other airlines, and passengers who are caught by surprise are generally the ones who are paying the most. Be prepared to not receive free carry on or free drinks and snacks during the flight. But hey, it’s cheap and it gets you from one place to another, and when you are travelling on a budget, what else can you ask for?

Price: Discount Den or $9 Fare Club

The Discount Den costs $50 per year, and membership renews automatically.
According to the sales page, certain sale fares are only available to club members. The savings are unlimited savings for one year.

$9 Fare Club Actually Costs $60 annually. The cheapest fares available via Spirit’s airfare promotions are exclusive for members of the airline’s $9 Fare Club. The Fare Club gives access not only to cheaper fares but also lower bag fees.

But think about it twice, because membership to Spirit’s famed $9 Fare Club costs $59.95 for the first year. A 60-day trial membership, which used to be $9 (very outdated name) is now $19.95—and unless Spirit receives a written cancellation notice, it will automatically roll you over into an annual membership. From here on, there are even more tricks that you need to consider before you make your decision.

Here’s another catch: Trial memberships may only be purchased with airfare and aren’t valid until the next booking. Keep in mind that annual membership renewal cost is $69.95, and it carries over annually unless canceled before the expiration date. It is nonrefundable after it has been charged.    

Still, despite all of the extra pricing, plus the fact that you can’t access the members-only fares until after the initial reservation, the subscription may still be worthwhile for frequent flyers through Spirit’s hubs, in particular Ft. Lauderdale, its main airport.

One of the main reasons you should consider purchasing the subscription is if you live near one of the main airline hubs – that way you will get the most savings.

Frontier Airlines Destinations

Frontier Airlines currently flies to 61 destinations throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. Top Airports with Scheduled Frontier Service include Denver, Orlando, Las Vegas, Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Phoenix. Check out their map to search if you are nearby a large Frontier hub. If you are, you ma want to choose Discount Den over $9 Fare Club.

Where does Frontier fly?

Where Does Spirit Airlines Fly

This works both ways. Spirit is serving 39+ destinations in the United States, the Caribbean, the Bahamas and Latin America. Check the map below for the updated destinations and go to their route map for more detail. If you are nearby any of the airports that have a large presence by Spirit Airlines, it might be worth it for you to join the $9 Fare Club.

Destination map from

The Baggage Discount Comparison- Discount Den or $9 Fare Club

Discount Den does not offer any baggage discounts to its members. You can only receive discount on flights.

However, if you are a Spirit $9 fare club member, you get a discount on bags (both carry-on and checked) and that is where being a $9 fare club member has saved us the most money. For the cheapest rate you must purchase your bag more than 24 hours before your flight. You get a $9 discount (each way) for being a $9 fare member for a checked bag and a carry-on bag. Once you can check-in online the price goes up $10 per bag each way, but it’s still $9 cheaper for the $9 fare member.

Since you have to purchase your bags for each way remember to pay for them online for both your flight out and your return flight. One checked bag for a round-trip flight will cost $60. It’s $42 if you’re a $9 Fare member. One carry-on bag costs $70 round-trip but it’s $52 if you’re a $9 Fare member. Notice that bringing a checked luggage is cheaper than carry-on.

Since the only free bag you get on Spirit is a personal item, most members will save at least $18 round-trip on baggage fees and $36 if you fly with a companion.

If you fly Spirit round trip twice per year ($36+ saved in bag fees) and book at least one round trip on a fare sale ($22+ saved), then you should probably join the $9 Fare Club.

Personal Item Spirit Airlines

That’s The Cheapest Option for Bag Fees

The cheapest checked-bag option is to declare a single bag when booking your flight as a member of the $9 Fare Club. That will cost you $21. The absolute only way to avoid bag fees altogether is to pack a single personal item such as a small backpack or purse with dimensions smaller than the seat in front of you (16 x 14 x 12 or smaller).

So, if you tend to travel on longer trips and need to have extra luggage with you, Spirit Airlines or Discount Den can turn out to be about the same as the other airlines. Be sure to compare them before booking your flights or getting a membership.

Do You Get Other Discounts with Discount Den or $9 Fare Club?

Discount Den or $9 Fare Club members don’t get a discounted price for a flight/car reservation or on a flight/hotel reservation. You still can get a discount for your bags on the flight.

Discount Den Flights Pricing

When you look for flights, searches will have a separate DenDeals column. (Offers for Discount Den Subscribers) For example, if you are flying from Chicago to Atlanta on March 18, 2018 you can get $30 off on if you are have subscription to Frontier’s Discount Den. Instead of paying $229 one way, you can end up paying $199. If you count that for round trip, that will already be $60 in savings, which is more than a yearly membership. If you are travelling with a friend and make the reservation together, you would get $120 saved just in one trip. And if you travel more than once a year, getting a Discount Den membership might be a great deal for you!

Discount Den or $9 Fare Club Frontier Price Chicago to Atlanta

$9 Fare Club Flights Pricing

A flight one way from Chicago to Atlanta on March 18, 2018 costs $131 with Spirit Airlines. The return is another $131. We have compared budget airlines in the USA to choose which one is the cheapest to fly. Spirit’s $9 Fare Club prices are usually $10, $15 or $20 cheaper, each way, than the normal ticket price. That’s close to the same savings you would get buying your tickets at the airport. Sometimes you might see a $9 fare price on your flight out, but not the return. Or vice versa. They’re not always available; watch the flights for a while to see if it would benefit you. And, don’t forget that you get discount on your luggage as well!

Discount Den or $9 Fare Club Price Chicago to Atlanta

How Often Do You Fly?

Do you plan on flying in the next 365 days after your subscription? Do you think you’ll have a bag or a carry-on each time? How many people do you fly with? Is buying tickets at the airport not a good option for you? All of those questions can help you decide whether or not you should get either of the memberships. If you live close to a Frontier or Spirit Airlines hub, you should choose the one you are closer to.

If you travel with luggage, keep in mind that Spirit gives you discount on luggage if you have $9 Fare Club subscription.

How Long Do The Memberships Last?

The $9 membership is good for 365 days from the day you buy it. So if you buy it on November 8, 2017; your last day of membership will be November 7, 2018. You have to cancel it; the default is automatic renewal. If you know you want to cancel, cancel a week ahead to make sure it gets done on time.

Should You Join the Frontier’s Discount Den or $9 Fare Club from Spirit?

It really depends on your personal situation whether or not you you should join Discount Den or $9 Fare Club. However, even if it makes sense to join, don’t join today. Wait until you need to purchase a Spirit ticket, so that your membership period extends as far out into the future as possible.

Feedback, please?

Are there any Discount Den or $9 Fare Club members reading this post? How much money have you saved with memberships? If you have any questions, comment below, we would love to know what you think!

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