Frontier Airlines Reviews

Complete Frontier Airlines Reviews 2019

Frontier Airlines Reviews: read about baggage fees, the lowest fares, reviews and information all in one place. You must keep that in mind this is budget airline as you are booking your flight.

Frontier has flights to most of the major destinations in the United States and several other key locations in Mexico.

What You Need to Consider before You Fly Frontier Airlines

At 65 planes Frontier is one of the smaller airlines to choose from, but, it’s a good thing. Because of their smaller size they must price competitively and thus, have lower fares. However, anyone can claim to have cheap tickets. So we decided to do a little digging, and here is what we found.

Using the strategies to find inexpensive fares we picked a Frontier Airlines departure date of, 1-9-2018 (Monday) and a return date of, 1-15-2018 (Monday).

Frontier Airlines Return Flight Price

Frontier Airlines Prices From Chicago to Denver

We also picked American Airlines, another supposedly low cost air transportation provider for a round trip flight on the same dates.

American Airlines Reviews

So, lets do a little math. If you fly alone and average about four round trip flights a year, you will save about $230 a year. If you fly with a partner these savings will double to $560! Of course, this is assuming you can pick a flight at the ideal times and aren’t taking advantage of Frontiers Discount Den. We will get into their savings program shortly.

However, there is a tradeoff for these minimal prices. To keep prices low Frontier doesn’t have the high-end amenities that expensive airlines have. There won’t be a TV or fancy meals, but with the amount you save on the ticket, treating yourself before or after the flight will easily make it worthwhile. Don’t worry, you won’t go hungry. On flights over 200 miles there are still snacks and drinks offered although they don’t count as a full meal. Again, just grab some food before or after the flight! Keep in mind, since Frontier is typically located in more remote sections of an airport there may not be much food near their terminals.

Frontier Airlines does not offer much entertainment. Fortunately, we live in the age of portable technology. A mobile game or e-book can easily keep you occupied for the typically maximum 4 hour flights that Frontier offers.

Frontier’s Discount Den

If you are a frequent flier between major cities you may want to consider Frontiers subscription service, Discount Den. This service is only $50 per year and can save you on average, $5-15 per flight. With their flight costs already being extraordinarily low, this can add up quickly. When traveling you can’t always pick the most ideal times to save on tickets. This is especially true for those of use working 8-5 on the weekdays. It is in situations like this that having Discount Den particularly shines.  

Frontier Discount Den

Discount Den Frontier Proces

Again, time for some math. We will use the same example as earlier with your average flights-per-year being four. For your departure flight, as a Discount Den member, you will save $17. For your return flight, $11. Over the course of four trips that will total to $132 of savings or $264 with a partner ($82 with the cost of the Discount Den membership by yourself or 214 with a partner). All of this is on top of Frontier Airlines being about 40% cheaper than competitors.

Other Ways to Save: Your Baggage and Picking Tickets

Now, like most airlines, to maximize your savings it is best to book mid-week or other off times. Another thing to consider is to plan carefully for your baggage. If you want to save the most money on your flight, your baggage is one of the top factors to consider when flying Frontier Airlines. They have a stricter policy on baggage than most.

The first is the size and weight of the carry on. The first one is free but, it is going to be important that you follow these guidelines because Frontier won’t be lenient and will charge $60 if you don’t adhere.

Secondly, will be your checked in luggage. Once again they are strict and you will be charged $75 for exceeding the weight limit and/or $75 for exceeding the size limit.

Frontier Airlines bag size

Frontier Airlines baggage size

So, is Frontier Airlines Really Worth It?

All things considered, Frontier certainly isn’t a luxury airline. You won’t find all the convenient amenities that other flights offer or entertainment provided. However, all this pales in comparison to the amount of money you save. And with food easily accessible in the terminals, entertainment at your fingertips with smartphones, Frontier is clearly the way to save.

Frontier Airlines Reviews

Frontier Airlines Contact Number

For general questions or to make a reservations you can call their office at the following number.


Frontier Airlines Pet Policy:

Only certain animals are allowed in the cabin:

Domesticated dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, or small household birds may be carried on flights within the United States. Sorry, no reptiles or arachnids (and please, no lions, or tigers or bears).

Only domesticated dogs and cats may be carried to or from international destinations.

Where does Frontier Fly?

Check the route map below to find out if there is a Frontier hub near you! Check the route map on Frontier Website for more information!

Frontier Airlines Route Map

Are you planning to fly with Frontier? Let us know how we did! We would love to know about your flight experience in the comments below!

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One thought on “Complete Frontier Airlines Reviews 2019

  1. THERE OUGHT TO BE A NO STAR RATING CHOICE JUST FOR FRONTIER AIRLINES !! Only once before in my life have I written a bad review and I’ll be 77 years old next month. That’s a long time without getting upset enough to speak out. I started flying FRONTIER AIRLINES almost 20 years ago because they had a direct flight between Tampa and Denver where I go to ski every winter. Frontier has never been a favorite airline, but I was willing to endure inconveniences for the sake of having a direct flight. NO LONGER !! Even if I have to make inconvenient connecting flights and if I have to pay twice as much, I will to avoid FRONTIER.

    In Austin, Texas, Frontier has their gates at runways that are not part of the airport. If you have to return a rent-a-car at the airport, as I did, you are not at the Austin airport. I’m sure FRONTIER made this arrangement to save airport fees. I must have just missed the shuttle that I needed to take to get to FRONTIER’S tarmac. I waited 20 minutes for the shuttle to arrive and then the driver wouldn’t take off until he had enough passengers, so we waited another 10 to 15 minutes. The drive to what’s called South Terminal takes 15 minutes. If one knew this, one would add an extra hour to their pre-flight time. FRONTIER made no effort to let their passengers know to plan accordingly.

    After a frustrating extra hour, I arrived at South Terminal. The FRONTIER employee behind the ticket counter knew I was running late, but made no effort to let the FRONTIER employee at the gate know I would arrive in 2 minutes. Most airlines close their doors 10 minutes before taking off. Frontier closes their doors 15 minutes before take-off, but this time, they closed the door 17 minutes before take off.

    It was frustrating to see the plane sitting on the runway with the ramp still in place for the next 12 to 15 minutes and not be allowed to get on. Since FRONTIER has lousy flight times, I was told I would be able to be put on another flight leaving Austin in about 14 hours and that I would arrive the next day in Tampa.

    I chose to forfeit what I paid for my airline ticket and I was accommodated by American Airlines, but missed a meeting I had in Florida which was costly for me. I ended up arriving in Tampa seven hours after my scheduled arrival on Frontier.

    I had a FRONTIER credit card. After this experience, I called and closed my FRONTIER credit card. I have promised myself NEVER TO FLY FRONTIER AGAIN.

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