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A Complete Guide to Flying Spirit Airlines in 2019

Like other ultra-low-cost airlines, Spirit will likely have the cheapest base fares but can cost you a lot if you don’t avoid the fees. Read this guide to make sure you avoid paying more than you have to when flying Spirit Airlines, and make sure you know all your rights with these Spirit Airline tips and tricks.

Spirit is one of the cheapest options on flights from new York to Chicago

If you search for flights on Kayak, you will find that you can book a flight on Spirit a lot cheaper than any other airlines. For example if you are planning a trip from New York to Chicago on January 25 and plan to return on January 28, your round-trip flight on Spirit Airlines will cost you $81, same trip on Delta Airlines and United Airlines is $103. That’s quite a difference, but there are a few things you should consider before booking your flight. When charging prices that low, Spirit airlines don’t provide everything that some other airlines do.

Spirit Airlines Bare Fare What does it include

Spirit Airlines is transparent about the fact that their low cost does not include checked baggage and they call it a “bare fare”. That is something you should expect when flying ultra-low-cost-airlines. And if you do not have any bags with you, don’t mind where you are sitting and can check in online, you will not have to pay any extra charges other than taxes.

Cost Spirit Airlines New York to Chicago

Spirit $9 Fare Club

If you join $9 Fare Club from Spirit, you will get discounts on fare, checked and carry on bag fees.

    • Spirit claims that members save an average of $75 per booking.
    • Most fares are not discounted for $9 Fare Club members, but some are. Most fare sales offer a cheaper price for $9 Fare Club members. The discount is $11+ per person per direction.
  • Benefits apply to you and up to 8 additional passengers on your itinerary. Passengers must be reserved on the same booking confirmation number as the $9 fare club member in order to receive membership benefits.

Spirit Airlines Extra Services

Spirit Personal Item Cost

Personal Item Spirit Airlines

You don’t have to pay for carry on or checked bags if you don’t have them. When you fly on other airlines, checked baggage is already included in the proce. But why pay extra, if you do not have any luggage? Spirit airlines is definitely worth a try if you are planning to travel for a short period and don’t plan on taking any items larger than 18″x14″x8″. If you have bigger bags, then you will have to pay fees for your bags. A checked suitcase under 50 pounds is $30. And make sure to check those online.

Fare Club members pay between $30 and $100 to have a carry-on bag onboard; the $30 rate applies when members select the option during the booking stage. A $36 rate applies to members who select the option during online check-in. It costs $50 for members who wait until check-in at the airport to declare a carry-on bag. And it will cost you $100 to declare any bag at the gate—even if it’s a carry-on.

Nonmembers are subjected to a $35, $45, or $50 fee for every bag they bring into the cabin. Again, it’s cheapest if you select the option during the flight-booking process, mid-range during online check-in, and most expensive at the airport reservation desk.    

Checking bags won’t save the wallet either: Fare Club members and nonmembers alike pay $45 for the first bag if they select the option at the airport reservation desk, and as much as $100 each for bags three through five.

Seat Selection Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines Seat Selection

Spirit Airlines assigns random seat at check-in for free and if you book your seats together, you will most likely be sitting together with your travelmate. If you would still like to pick your own seating, it will cost you anywhere from $10 (for regular seats) to $175 (for large front seats).

Spirit AIrlines Check In Price

It costs you $10 to check in at the ticket counter at the airport. If you would like to avoid paying for check in, make sure to check in online.

Flight Cancellations and Bad Weather on Spirit Airlines

Some websites claim that Spirit doesn’t move you to flights with other airlines if there’s a delay. Spirit Airlines has the same policies as any other carrier. If your flight is canceled or delayed, they’ll accommodate you on another Spirit flight. If there’s a mechanical issue, they may even book you on a different airline to make sure you get to your destination. When I was delayed by American Airlines this year, they could not do anything but offer me a next flight with American Airlines in two days!

Spirit Frequent-Flyer Miles

Spirit’s use ’em or lose ’em policy puts on quite the pressure. Members of Spirit’s Free Spirit loyalty program have 90 days after accrual to redeem their miles. However, card-carrying members, who pay an annual rate of $59 for a Spirit Airlines World MasterCard, are exempt from three-month expiration rule.

Spirit Airlines Phone Number

Need to contact Spirit Airlines for more information, contact Spirit Customer Care at 1 (801) 401-2222.

Spirit Airlines Pet Policy

According to, Pets are not allowed in the cargo area or as checked baggage on Spirit Airlines. Carrier Guidelines: Pets traveling in cabin/carry-on must be transported in a pet travel carrier that does not exceed 18″ L x 14″ W x 9″ H. One pet carrier per customer is allowed.

Spirit Airlines Safety

US-based Spirit has not had a fatal accident. Over the past couple of years, Spirit has experienced a few airborne maintenance incidents, and the airline lacks an optional IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) certification. However, Spirit has kept an accident-free record with an ever-growing passenger base. In 2015 alone, Spirit safely delivered nearly 18 million passengers — a 25% increase from 2014.

Where Does Spirit Airlines Fly

Spirit is serving 39+ destinations in the United States, the Caribbean, the Bahamas and Latin America. Check the map below for the updated destinations.

Destination map from

Should You Fly Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines is a low-cost carrier in North America. If you are looking for first-class service, on-board entertainment and snacks, comfortable and fast check and all-inclusive fares, you will be disappointed if you Fly Spirit Airlines. However, if you are travelling without baggage and are a frequent flyer between major Spirit airports, you should definitely give it a try! You will find that the experience is different, but you don’t have to pay for extras you don’t really need on-board. After all, you can get a few games on your Ipad and bring a bag of pretzels from a nearby grocery store, saving at least $20 on your flight one-way. If you follow our guidelines, you should be all set and ready to board!  

Do you fly Spirit Airlines? Share your experience in the comments below! We would love to know your input!

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