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Is Having Discount Den from Frontier Worth It

Like many purchases, airfare is a trade-off between cost and comfort. Frontier offers a subscription to Discount Den that promises to help you save BIG. Is it worth it? Many low-cost airlines, like Spirit and Frontier provide the cheapest fare for your trip, but you need to be careful and read into the little details before booking your flight.

New: Frontier’s Kids Fly Free Program

Frontier just introduced their “Kids Fly Free” program. There are a few conditions, but unlike most free stuff it actually isn’t that hard to get with a little planning. Check out our review of it to learn more.

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Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines currently flies to 61 destinations throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic.

List of Frontier Destinations in the United States

Top Airports with scheduled Frontier service include Denver, Orlando, Las Vegas, Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Phoenix. If you live in or near one of these cities, there is a good chance that there is a big presence with Frontier and you are more likely to get good Discount Den Deals.

Discount Den Subscription

According to the Frontier website, with a Discount Den subscription you will have exclusive access to Frontier’s lowest fares. Better yet, they say the savings continue all year long and the more you fly, the more you save. Let’s break down what is included with your Discount Den subscription.

Discount Den Benefits

Joining the club costs $59.99 per year and you get:

  • Access to lower fares – fares can be cheaper by $10-$50 per flight (we break down the savings below)
  • The fares are available for up to 6 people on your itinerary, as long as you are one of the passengers
  • Unlimited savings for one year
  • You would get the first insight to new offers, promotions and new destinations
  • EarlyReturns® miles for every purchase
  • EarlyReturns® and Discount Den memberships are the same

Is Frontier’s Discount Den worth the price? Let’s check it out.

Additionally, you should remember that unlike some other subscriptions, Frontier’s Discount Den only offers discounted airfare. You will not get any savings on baggage fees, so if you usually fly with a lot of luggage flying with frontier might not save you as much as you would hope.

Discount Den costs $60 per year and the membership renews automatically. However, certain sales on fares are only available to club members and you can start saving quite a bit from the first trip.

Departing Flight from Chicago to Denver for $44

As seen in the above image, the Frontier website is user-friendly. When you search for flights, you will see a separate DenDeals column (Offers for Discount Den Subscribers in the right column). It is easy to use and change the dates to get the best prices on the dates you need. The return flight for this trip between Chicago and Denver was the same price, $59 for for a non-member or $44 for a Discount Den member.

Generally, if you live close to an airport that serves Frontier and are a frequent flyer, it might be worth it to get a Discount Den Subscription.

Discount Den Savings Breakdown


As you see on the picture above, if you are flying between Austin, TX and Orlando, FL on May 9 , 2019, your flight with a non-club price will be $52 per person. It will cost you $42 if you have a subscription to Discount Den. Discounted fares are available for up to six people on a member’s itinerary, as long as he is one of the passengers. If you are travelling alone, you will save $20 round trip, and of course, these savings will multiply up to 6 times per member of your group. We have seen savings as high as $60 round trip if you are a member.

Discount Den Best Deals as low as $20

Here is our favorite thing about flying Frontier. On their website you can find a Flight Sales page. On this page you can select where you want to go, when you want to go, and find incredibly low flight costs. However, these $20 flights are only available to Discount Den members. If you take advantage of this even once, they add up to substantial savings for a $60 yearly subscription. You can search the Frontier Website for flights and deals that you need, when you need them!

Remember, not all routes and flights offer discounts for club members. Before making your decision, compare Frontier with other budget airlines.

Flights departing from Orlando, FL to Austin, TX

To Consider:

If you fly more often than twice a year, joining Discount Den might be worth it! Again do the math, and see if you get more in benefits than the membership fee. If you live in Denver or Frequently fly to Denver, this airline is a cheap and safe alternative to the more expensive Delta Airlines.


Savings Tip:

Don’t join today! Wait until you need to purchase a Frontier ticket, and choose the Discount Den price. You’ll be prompted to join then, which maximizes how far into the future your 12 month membership runs.

We also evaluated Spirit’s $9 Fare Club and the United Mileage Plus Rewards program. Check them out!

How Was Your Experience?

We love the savings we get from Discount Den, the only cons we have found are the sometimes long layovers extra costs associated with checked baggage. With that being said, are there any regular Frontier Fliers or Discount Den members reading this post? How much money have you saved with this membership? Comment below and share your membership insight!

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  1. Kids fly free is a SCAM. Even if it says the flight is eligible it usually won’t be by the time you get to checkout. NEVER EVER join the discount den bait and switch program.

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