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Labor Day Weekend – Urban Escape or Nature Break?

Labor Day Weekend is too short for international travel, so most people head towards a new city or the countryside, but which one is better? While both options have pros and cons, there is a lot to consider.

Why Choose a Nature Break For Your Weekend Getaway?

Nature Break

Go Somewhere Different

Most travelers live in cities. If you do, you know how cities work and you spend most of your life in traffic and high buildings. Do something different! Go off the beaten track! It’s good to hit key tourist sights, but it’s usually the off-the-beaten-path places that you feel like a true adventure. It’s because you don’t really know what to expect, and they tend to be less busy and crowded.

Nature is Good For You

Yes, It is good for your health! Clean air, no noise and stress – what else do you need for a long weekend getaway? Instead of ambling at a snail’s pace through museum after museum, take a day-long hike through somewhere new and scenic.

A dose of fresh air is a wonderful thing, the exercise you get will help you sleep particularly well and you won’t come home from vacation with a bigger waistline.

Save Money

It’s often cheaper to spend time in a small town. It’s still easy to use budget airlines to fly city-to-city but you can head straight out of the city to a more rural area and avoid the higher costs of the cities.

Travel at Your Own Speed

In the countryside, there’s likely to be fewer tourist spots and you can take your time to enjoy what you want to see without feeling that you have to rush off to the next attraction.

Take Better Photos

Have you been wanting to practice your photography skills? Taking great photographs is a lot easier when you’re out in nature than when you’re in the city. While capturing impressive landscapes, you’ll worry a lot less about people getting in the way  or whether or not you’re allowed to take photographs at the exhibition you’re in.

Why Choose a City For Your Weekend Getaway?

City Break Weekend Getaway

We are definitely not saying you should not go to the city. It’s about making the right choice for you. 

People go on a city break for many different reasons with the main one being that they just want to get away for a couple days. It’s easy to see why going on a city break is becoming increasingly popular. With thousands of good deals available for short breaks it’s the perfect way to pick up a bargain and have a fun and unique weekend.

Make Memories

With so much going on in big cities, you can get a lot of value from every minute if you put your mind to it. You can attend a concert, have a new food experience or see the famous sights – all of that while making priceless memories with your friends. 

City Travel Can Suit Any Weather

Nowhere is really that fun to be when it rains, but in a city there’s always something to do. Even if that just means finding the nearest bar or cafe for a spot of people watching or visit galleries and museums. Even if the weather’s not cooperating, you can still have a great time in a city.

Immerse Yourself In a New Culture

When you go to a city, you are always around a lot of people. You get to see how they communicate, what they believe in, and their everyday life. There are numerous museums, galleries and events. To get to know it even more, you could plan a trip around events or festivals happening in your chosen destination.

City Breaks Work for Any Budget

Going to a city doesn’t need to bankrupt you. It’s all about making the right choices while you’re there. Look for cheaper accommodation and food options away from the city center. And that will also help you get to know the locals instead of being in the crowds of tourists.

To Consider:

In the end, it’s up to what your heart desires. Peace, quiet, and good scenery, or fast-paced and adventurous weekend? We encourage you to mix it up! Never stick to the same thing! Explore! Trust us, you can get enjoyment out of both!

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