Best Halloween Gifts for her

Top Halloween Gift Ideas for Her in 2018

You both like scary movies and going to haunted houses. You are a perfect match and Halloween can become a romantic holiday for you and your significant other with these Halloween gift ideas.

Think hayrides, corn mazes, and holding her tight while watching a scary movie. Halloween is fun and frolic and there are many unusual things to do and share with a loved one that can’t be replicated any other day of the year.

Top 5 Halloween Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend in 2018

  1. Wine and Chocolate

    It’s a classic, but it works! If you decide to be fancy, you can even pick this Gourmet Gift Basket, or you can make one yourself. Pick her favorite wine, chocolates and other snacks that she likes and take her on a picnic. Enjoy the last days of warm weather and beautiful fall colors. Another option: treat your favorite ghoul to this Halloween set: five luscious chocolate bars wrapped in Halloween design.

  2. Scary Movie Collection

    That might not be for everyone, but if you both like watching scary movies, and doing it together, than Conjuring is the way to go. This set has both, Conjuring 1 and 2, and it’s absolutely terrifying. Recommended by our editors, this is one of the scariest movies made, along with their sequel, Annabelle series. If she doesn’t enjoy scary movies, you can always watch the old classic Clue or Rocky Horror Picture Show. Check out more Halloween movie ideas in this article.

  3. Bath Salts

    Who doesn’t like to relax in a bathtub after a long tiring week? Make your woman happy by getting her a Candy Corn Bath Salt and then giving her a relaxing massage. Every girl would appreciate that. We know she will and you can thank us later.

  4. Painting Kit

    Painting by numbers has become a new trend that many adults love! This 11×14 Fall painting kit includes high-quality acrylic paints, #1 round paintbrush and easy to follow instructions. Create a realistic wildlife portrait using the paints included both as single colors and mixed. Another beautiful Painting by Numbers set has a Victorian building with a garden. You can look on Amazon for more paintings that she might like. It’s truly a great project for anyone and she can hang it on the wall when she’s done.

  5. Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate or Coffee

    Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate is a perfect drink for a late evening together. Sweety Pie or Fall in Love pumpkin flavored gourmet coffee is a great choice as a Halloween gift for her. Pair it with with these Russel Stover Chocolates.

Perfect Halloween Date Night Ideas

Halloween Date Ideas for a Perfect Night in 2018

Now that you chose the right gift for her, time to move on to that perfect date. Halloween is a perfect occasion for a date night. Create something special for your date this year on Halloween by using one of these date ideas, and you’ll be building memories together to last a lifetime. Make sure to connect with us in the comments below and share your pictures! Also check out our Halloween gifts for kids, it is a traditional holiday for them, after all. 

  1. Go to a Nearby Corn Maze

    Depending on where you live, going to a corn maze may be an option. It is probably one of the most romantic ideas in this list. Just make sure to bring an extra sweater for the both of you so you don’t get cold, and stash some hot chocolate in a thermos in your car for when you leave to end the evening. What can be better than getting lost together?

  2. Visit a Haunted House

    Plan to hit one (or even a couple) Haunted Houses together and you’ll have an excuse to cling to each other all night long. This one doesn’t sound like a date if you want to avoid putting labels or are early on in your relationship. But it will bring you together without her noticing.

  3. Attend a Costume Party

    Coming up with couples-themed Halloween costumes is a part of the fun. But you can also attend a costume party separately, without knowing what the other is dressed as? Then the entire night will be spent in anticipation, trying to figure out what the other one will be dressed as. Don’t forget to set a time to reveal yourselves to each other!

  4. Host or Attend a Murder Mystery

    Invite a group of your friends over for a murder mystery party on Halloween, making sure that everyone comes in an appropriate costume for their character. And don’t forget to have lots of treats for everyone to enjoy during the festivities! Alternatively you could purchase a murder mystery puzzle and watch a scary movie afterwards.

  5. Stay at Home

    Of course, the two of you can stay at home and spend the evening giving out candy to kids while watching a scary movie. You could try for a really scary evening with Conjuring or pick one of the Halloween favorites from the list above.


Whatever you do, we hope you have a great Halloween this year! We hope you enjoyed our Halloween gift ideas. Share your ideas for a perfect Halloween in the comments below!


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