Perfect Halloween Gifts For Kids in 2017

Best Halloween Gifts for Kids in 2019

Halloween is soon approaching and while there are a lot of things to plan for, like costumes, house decorations and trick or treating, we got you covered with these perfect Halloween gifts for your little ones!

Why Should You Give a Gift to Your Child On Halloween?

You’re right. Your kids already get to dress up and ask for candy from your neighbors. There could be even enough candy until Thanksgiving. However, your Halloween gift can be educational, inspiring your child to learn something new, or giving you a reason to spend more time with your little one and, possibly, even develop a new tradition. When children experiment with materials, they try their hand in science. Most importantly, when kids feel good about what they are creating, it helps them boost self-confidence. Children who feel able to experiment and to make mistakes feel free to invent new ways of thinking, which extends well beyond the crafts they are making. So, what gifts can be fun, educational and are perfect for Halloween? Check out our list of top 10 best Halloween gifts for your kids. And if you have any ideas, feel free to add them in the comments below! We would love to keep this list updated and fun!

Top Halloween Gifts for Kids This Halloween

1. Halloween Books

Book is the best gift for any occasion. Does your child like to read? Even if kids can’t read just yet, they know what reading is and they’re trying. That’s another level of functioning. Once you start to read, you can take in the world in new ways that you couldn’t understand before. While you read and discuss story books, ask them questions, like: Why do you think he did that? Or: How does that make the character feel? These Spooky Stories Book will keep your child entertained for hours! Kids from ages of 4 to 10 seem to really enjoy this one. Plus, this could help your child reach his or her reading goals and let you spend some time enjoying scary stories together.
Another great idea for a Halloween book is Moodsters, Feelings Flashlight and Storybook. This interactive teaching toy gives children a basic vocabulary of feelings and promotes simple strategies that help kids handle everyday challenges. It teaches emotion, feeling, and turns them into adventures when the lights go out. The book is also perfect if your kid is afraid of the dark.

2. Halloween Lego

There is a variety of Halloween LEGO Sets on Amazon. Also, the skills children learn from LEGOs are important and incredible! Using LEGO bricks is the perfect opportunity for building fine motor skills, teaching them cooperative play and gives them a sense of accomplishment when they are done. Having their LEGOs themed for a particular holiday, will make them more excited about the holiday and its traditions.

3. Halloween Pencils/ Drawing Kit

Halloween pencils are a great choice to get your child to be excited about going to school. Having their school supplies themed for the holiday makes them excited about their everyday tasks and sharing that experience with their classmates.

4. Root Viewer Veggie Growing Kit

Root Viewer Veggie Growing Kit is perfect for ages 5 and up and lets your child watch veggies grow right before their eyes! Little gardeners will dig this educational kit with onion, carrot and radish seeds. Includes growing medium, instructions and journal.

Halloween Crafts For your Kids

Through creative art and crafts, children learn to represent experiences that they cannot express. When kids draw out of proportion, they exaggerate things that are important to them. When we value children’s creativity, we help them feel valued and raise their self-esteem.

5.  Halloween 3-D Felt Craft Kit

This Craft Kit is perfect for children 6 years and up. Your child will be making a Halloween-themed owl, and trying their hand in felt, a craft, that can be new for many.

6.  3D Foam Kit

This Halloween Haunted House with an Owl – is a 3D Foam Craft Kit for Kids. It will provide hours of creative fun & good halloween party games.

7. Halloween Clay Kit

This Halloween Clay Kit has orange and black clay, jack-o-lantern faces, modeling tools, and even wind-up walking feet! It is suitable for ages three and up. This kit includes batches of orange and black modeling clay plus accessories for making Halloween creations. Moreover, it has two sets of wind-up walking feet! If you form a clay creation around these mechanical feet, you can wind it up and your creation will come to life and walk away!

Will You Get Halloween Gifts For your Child?

There are so many Halloween gifts that you can get for your little ones that will make a simple routine into fun experience. For instance, these Halloween Rubber Ducks will make your baby’s regular bath something to look forward to during the Halloween season!

Do you plan to get any Halloween gifts for your child? Why or why not? Tell us in the comments below! We really appreciate hearing from our readers!

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