Dentist Salary By State

Highest Dentist Salaries By State

To better understand how dentist salaries change across America, we looked at the most recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics on average pay for dentists by state.

The states in the Top 5 tend to have a smaller number of physicians. For instance, four of the five highest-paying states for dentists have less than 1,000 dentists. Areas with a high concentration of dentists tend to pay less than average, even if those locations have higher costs of living, such as New Jersey or California.

Average Dentist Salary

With an average salary of $173,860 in 2016, dentists earn far more than most other health-care workers.

It’s also notable that a lot depends on the city in which a dentist practices. Jackson, TN, is the highest-paying metropolitan area for dentists, according to the BLS. But Tennessee overall ranks in the middle of the pack in terms of dentist pay.

Top Dentist Salaries By State

Highest 5 General Dentist Salary By State:

1. Delaware

Average Dentist Wage in Delaware: $236,130

Number of Professionally Active Dentists: 340

2. North Carolina

Average Dentist Wage in North Carolina: $236,020

Number of Professionally Active Dentists: 3,190

3. Alaska

Average Dentist Wage in Alaska: $234,240

Number of Professionally Active Dentists: 270

4. New Hampshire

Average Dentist Wage in New Hampshire: $220,480

Number of Professionally Active Dentists: 490

5. Nevada

Average Dentist Wage in Nevada: $210,480

Number of Professionally Active Dentists: 910

Average Dentist Salaries by City

The Economic Research Institute provides a sampling of approximate salaries in certain cities for dentists, which includes those with specialties.

We also considered Dentist salary among metropolitan areas with the highest employment level. We found that the average Dentist salary in New York is $158,530, in Los Angeles it is $152,310. Average Dentist salary in Chicago is $138,480. In Dallas, the Dentist salary is $177,400. While the average Dentist salary in Boston is $175,270, in Atlanta it is $163,210.

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